SPRiT Custom MX Switch Springs


Stainless steel springs designed by SPRiT and made in Korea. Perfect for customizing your Cherry, Gateron and other MX switches to achieve the precise feel you're looking for. They come in the following options/bottom-out weights:

Options SPRiT Description
50g (Actuation 40cN) Rapid response! Super Faster and lighter than MX Reds (Quick Arrow Edition)
62g (Actuation 52cN) Tighter, accentuated than stock MX Blues. Elastic as the Early Vintage Blues (Shinken 真剣 ダナ Edition)
65g (Actuation 55cN) Smooth, stable, heavier than MX Blues. Optimized for the Linears and Ergo (Shinken 真剣 ダナ Edition)
68g To overcome the Legendary Early Vintage Blacks in 1980's, NCR-0528, G80-0510, G80-0904, Nixdorf (SPRiT Vintage Black Edition)
78g Coming in May
85g Similar to MX Clears. The latest version starts softer and gentle (Gold* MX Clear Edition) *stainless steel
100g Similar to MX Gray linear, and Gray tactiles. Starts very soft and gentle and Cushiony Bottom Out
150g Coming Soon

Each packet contains a minimum of 100 springs.

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