Gamepad/Macropad PCBs


5 x 6 Gamepad/Macropad PCBs from /u/wootpatoot:

These PCBs support both full-grid and 2u thumb-key layouts. They do not support Alps switches and are not reversible (the 2u only works in the bottom right position).

For a full-grid layout, you will need 30 switches. For the 2u thumb-key layout, you will need 29 switches and a 2u stabilizer (though it's possible to use an unstabilized 2u key). The PCBs support PCB-mounted stabilizers, and you can also use Plate-mounted/Costar stabilizers depending on your plate design.

- Gateron Switches
- Cherry Switches
- PCB-Mounted Stabilizers
- Plate-Mounted Stabilizers
- Costar Stabilizers

To complete this build, you will also need the following parts (which are not sold at switchTop):

- 1 x Pro Micro OR 1 x Teensy 2.0 (only 1 controller is needed)
- 29 or 30 x 1N4148 diodes
- Plate/case of your choice
- Screws and standoffs

The firmware can be found HERE.